What to do if you are a victim of cyberbullying, where to go


Luna (pseudonym) is studying at a government university in the country. Suddenly one day a friend request comes from an unknown ID on Facebook. Luna accepts it. There is a conversation between them. At one point, the Facebook friend proposed to Luna. Luna agrees. The video call between them continues. Pictures are also exchanged.

One day the boy asked Luna to give him a personal picture. He refused to give pictures. The boy later asked to meet Luna. Doubt rises in Lunar’s mind. So he did not go to meet. The boy then threatened Luna, saying, “I will edit your picture and make a” dirty picture “and leave it on Facebook.” Luna meant a lot to him. But the boy wants money from him. ‘Unable to find a way, Luna gave the money to the boy. Luna said, ‘After paying three times, he demanded a lot more money from me. Which was not possible for me. Then he edited my picture and left it on Facebook. I didn’t know what to do. ”

Luna then contacted the 999 call center. Necessary evidence, information sent, all removed from online within 24 hours. The boy was also brought under the law.



Md. Raju Hossain (pseudonym) is a school teacher in Dhaka. Don’t live too much online. Suddenly one day one of his colleagues called and said that propaganda was being spread in the name of Raju Hossain. Immediately Raju went online and saw that his Facebook ID was not working. A friend said, Raju’s ID has been hacked. By evicting the ID, the hacker is spreading lies in his name and taking money from Raju’s relatives.

Raju Hossain then contacted the cyber crime department. They tell you what to do. Within three days he got his ID back.

In two cases, it was understood that the victim of cyber bullying can be remedied. Rampura police chief said. Rafiqul Islam told Prothom Alo, “You have called me now, a victim is sitting in front of me with a complaint. I am trying to solve that. 98% of those who bring complaints to us are women. We will take immediate action if there are any complaints or threats about leaving pictures or videos online. But most victims do not want to sue. Our advice is that if anyone is a victim of cyber bullying, they should go to the nearest police station and lodge a complaint. ‘

Bangladesh Supreme Court lawyer. Haider Tanviruzzaman was the victim of cyber bullying including many stars. He said, in case of such incidents, I suggest to lodge a complaint or GD with the nearest police station. If any obscene, defamatory or threatening e-mail is sent to you or spread through social media, you have to submit a print of it along with the complaint to the police station. Save the address of the offending site and provide it to the investigating authority. However, the data in the log file of Facebook or other sites need to be intact.

If a case cannot be filed with the police station for any reason, the cyber case can be filed in the district cyber tribunal court through a lawyer.

A victim of a cyber crime can go to the CID’s cyber police or to the DMP’s cyber crime unit. You can call the National Emergency Service 999 for emergency police services.

What to do

  • If you are a victim of cyber bullying, you have to explain yourself first, you are not responsible for it.


  • If you are a victim of cyber or digital crime, you should not panic, you should not be afraid. The next step is to keep a cool head.


  • You will never respond to cyber bullying. Do not counter-attack yourself.


  • You will collect and preserve appropriate evidence for the victim.


  • Initially you can explain who or what is being bullied. If you can’t, you can ask your friend or relative to do the same.


  • As women are more likely to be bullied and usually do not feel comfortable sharing their problems with their families, bullying is a must.


  • All social media accounts have the advantage of blocking. You can block him if there is an initial bullying or if he speaks inconsistently and incoherently.

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