What is a Samsung account? Learn the benefits and how to make it?

In this post you will learn more about Samsung account key, benefits and features of Samsung account, and rules for creating Samsung account.

What is a Samsung account?
Currently, almost every smartphone maker offers users the option to create an account for that brand to provide exclusive benefits to users. Although it is mandatory to use Apple ID or Apple account on Apple devices, this feature is optional on Android devices. Samsung offers Samsung accounts for Samsung users, through which many exclusive benefits offered by Samsung are available.

Advantages of Samsung account
There are many benefits to a Samsung account, e.g.

1. Find out the location of the phone
2. Lock, unlock or reset the phone remotely
3. Access to exclusive apps like Samsung Pay, Bixby, Samsung Health and Samsung Pass
4. Data and photo galleries can be backed up
5. After creating a Samsung account, all the mentioned Samsung services can be used quite easily

Rules for adding Samsung account on phone
After creating a Samsung account, you need to add a Samsung account to your Samsung smartphone. Depending on the phone, the process of adding a Samsung account to the phone may be a bit different. To add a Samsung account to a Samsung phone:

Enter the Settings app on the Samsung phone
Scroll down and first select Cloud and account and then Accounts option
Note that if you have already added a Samsung account, you can add a new one only after removing it.
Select the Add Account option
Then select Samsung Account
To add an already opened account, login by providing email and password
You can also easily create a new account by selecting the Create account option
After setting up the account, turn on the Auto sync data option from the Accounts section, this will back up your Samsung account data to the automatic cloud. Note that such services can be found on Xiaomi phone using Mi account.

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