Vivo X80 FiveG Smartphone: Unique in Gaming

The Vivo X80 FiveG smartphone has caught the eye. The smartphone has already won the hearts of the youth with its great look as well as great performance of the camera. Those who work regularly with smartphones have also been fascinated by the Vivo X80 FiveG smartphone.

This is our report today.

‘Pretty Smartphone’

Sam from the popular YouTube channel Samzon has been fascinated by the Vivo X80 FiveG smartphone. He said, the smartphone is great to look at as well as great at work. Sam praised the camera work of the Vivo X80 FiveG smartphone. “The special feature of the smartphone is its camera,” he said, adding that a 50-megapixel rear camera as well as the Vivo V1 Plus chip has been used to take better pictures in low light. Vivo X80 retains sharpness as well as brightness. You can also use Jess’s own color tones when taking pictures. This camera can be very useful for those who do photography on mobile phones. It is possible to get good background blur and do macro photography by zooming in the portrait mode with the phone. There is a 32 megapixel selfie camera through which selfie lovers can take beautiful pictures that will captivate selfie lovers.

‘Great for gaming’

‘Technology’ YouTube channel Farabi has done gaming with Vivo X80 FiveG smartphone. In Farabi’s words, ‘The Vivo X80 FiveG is super solid when it comes to gaming. I played games for more than an hour straight. Not heating. The performance is quite smooth. ‘

Farabi has played the popular game ‘Call of Duty’ with Vivo X80 FiveG smartphone. “I played the Call of Duty game at the highest graphics,” he said. No lagging or frame drops were detected. Those who like Call of Duty will love the smartphone. ‘

“It uses an ultra-large liquid cooling vapor chamber as the cooling system,” Farabi said. Due to which the smartphone is not easily hit. There is no heating issue in the smartphone. ‘

‘Bright is a display’

Sohag of the popular YouTube channel ‘Sohag 360’ has praised the camera issues including the display of Vivo X80 FiveG. Sohag said, ‘The design of the smartphone is definitely great. The look is great. ‘

Sohag said, ‘It’s great to see the display. Colorful. The display experience is awesome. Display has shown great performance in everything from multimedia experience to gaming. ‘

“Vivo has worked with Jays on the X series,” he said of the camera. Jays’s T-Star coating has been used. ‘Sohag said,’ The camera software of the Vivo X80 FiveG smartphone is even more interesting. First of all, Vivo has used their own image processor in it. ‘

He said, “Truly quality cinematic videos can be made with VivoX80 FiveG smartphone.” In Sohag’s words, “There are some more movies, video dedicated features. The video-centric feature has everything you need. There is a magical experience in terms of stabilization. ‘

Sohag said, there is a 60 watt first charger. With which the flower will be charged in half an hour. There is no tension with charging speed.

“If you look for a video-centric phone or if you make a lot of videos, you can buy it,” he said.

‘Got a great performance’

Wahidur Rahman of YouTube channel Take to the Point (TTP) has been impressed by the performance of Vivo X80 FiveG smartphone. “I got a great performance from this phone,” he said. A flagship device is exactly what it was supposed to be. ‘

Wahidur added, ‘Great in multi-tasking. The app was opening quickly. When you switch from one app to another, you can’t understand that so many apps are running in the background. ‘

“The phone weighs only 206 grams,” he said. It is quite light according to the size. Its thickness was found to be 6.4 mm.

In his words, ‘A dual chip has been used in this phone. One is the Vivo V One Plus. Another is MediaTek Dimension 9000. Which is a processor of 4 nanometers. Which is what Vivo has come up with for the first time. The combination of the two is remarkable. ”

“The phone uses a 4500 mAh battery,” he said. In which we got screen on time like 8 and a half hours. Among these we have used full day video calls, Wi-Fi, social media, WhatsApp, YouTube etc. With a 60 watt charger, you can get 50 percent charge in 15 minutes. ‘


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