Robots will listen to jokes

Humanoid robots can teach yoga as well as jokes through various gestures. A team of researchers from the University of Minnesota in the United States has developed special types of robots called ‘Now’ and ‘Pepper’ to serve patients with Alzheimer’s disease.


Researchers claim that robots can also help restore memory by talking. Robots designed to help people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease are already being used in Minnesota nursing homes.


In the future, robots will make decisions based on humor, leading to a massive shift in human society. Here’s how:
Humans are funny creatures, and some people naturally have a knack for making others laugh. But if we could find a way to automate the process, then robot comedians would become widespread. After all, they’re already helping us decide what to do and say. It just doesn’t seem right that humans should be deciding things while a machine is laughing at them. But once robots take over comedy shows, humans may start getting sick of being laughed at. And they’ll turn to new entertainments — activities that only a machine could enjoy.

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