Let’s know about 8 psychological hacks

Psychological hacking is really great. Suppose, for example, you can read the minds of others. People will listen to what you say, you can do whatever you want with anyone. Psychological hacking is not a bad thing, if you are ethical. Some Ethical Psychological Hacking Tricks Shared …

1. Laugh at the beginning of talking to someone, the chances of being convinced will increase.

2. Excessive eyebrow or forehead wrinkles when talking to irritate others, talk with the rest of the lips; He will have a negative idea about you

3. Look at the reflection in someone’s eyes and talk about your reflection, he will be hypnotized or hypnotized.

4. When you put your hand on someone’s shoulder or shake hands firmly while talking, their morale or confidence in you becomes stronger.

5. Looking at the midpoint of someone’s forehead and talking, he hesitates to lie or hide the truth. Thus he will be forced to pay attention to your words

6. Look gently at the boss’s eyes in a job interview, keep thinking in your mind that you are trapping him in Maya. Keep a light smile on your lips, never make your face strong.

7. Your laughter has the power to absorb others, so keep the laughter clean and beautiful.

8. Take a piece of white paper and make a point of black ink on it and look at it with a nagar nirvarachit. This will increase your attention. Drink more water and occasionally chocolate, the mind will be fresh



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