best 17 inch laptop 2022

1. Apple MacBook Pro 16GB RAM
The Apple MacBook Pro comes in two versions, 15-inch and 13-inch. There are many different models available, but this is the best option if you plan on using it for school and work. Many companies offer discounts for students, so check out DealNews for the cheapest prices. There are no special promotions right now, but they have a sale coming soon. This model has a starting price of $1,099 USD.

2. Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Gaming Edition
If you’re looking for something a little bigger than the MacBook, this is a great alternative. It has a larger display (13.3 inches) and offers a higher resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). If you want a gaming computer, then this is the version for you. It has a starting price of around $1,200 USD and comes with Windows 10 Home pre-installed. You can get a discount on its current cost.

3. HP Spectre X360 14TB
This version has everything you need at a lower price point. It has a good build quality and comes with a high-capacity hard drive that can store tons of data. It only weighs about 2 pounds, making it portable enough for travel. It has a starting cost of around $1,300 USD.

4. Acer Predator Helios 300
Acer has released several different laptops over the years, but none is more powerful than this one. It has a really awesome design and features an impressive screen. It also has plenty of ports and slots for storage drives. It even has some security measures integrated into the system. So, if you are searching for power, look no further than the Acer Predator Helios 300. It has a starting retail price of $1,500 USD.

5. Lenovo ThinkPad L430 11.6 lb
This is probably the best in its category for those who need a laptop for productivity. It has a powerful processor and a great keyboard for typing. The weight is pretty low, so it is easy to carry around. It has a starting retail price of just under $1,800 USD.

6. Macbook Air 13.3 inch
Apple recently updated its entire lineup of laptops, including the new Macbook Air. This is the upgraded version of the old Macbook Air. It will run almost any program or game and is very lightweight. The specs are amazing for their size, and it looks sleek. But this particular model doesn’t feature Retina Display technology. That means there isn’t a 3D experience when viewing photos or videos. And while it has plenty of memory, it does not have much space for storage. So, if you need a small yet powerful laptop, the Macbook Air might not be the best choice for you. It has a starting price of around $900 USD.

7. Microsoft Surface Book 12.9 inch
The Microsoft Surface Book was designed specifically for college students. It has great battery life and performance, along with a stunning display. It is perfect for writing papers, watching movies, and playing games. However, it does not have a lot of storage room. So, keep that in mind before purchasing. All in all, this is a great laptop for students. It has a starting regular retail price of around $1.400 USD.



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