Apps that inject malware into your smartphone

An app capable of injecting malware into a smartphone has been found in the Play Store. These apps with ‘Joker’ malware steal information as well as weaken the security of the smartphone and secretly help in accessing other harmful malware. Cyber ​​security company Pradio has found four such apps in the Play Store.

The ‘Joker’ malware apps that have taken place in the Play Store, avoiding Google’s security, are Smart SMS Messages, Blood Pressure Monitor, Voice Languages ​​Translator and Quick Text SMS. Google has removed the apps from the Play Store after receiving allegations of malware. However, the apps have been downloaded around one lakh times around the world before being deleted. That’s why security experts have advised users to delete apps from their smartphones quickly.

Cyber ​​security experts say that in order to protect yourself from harmful apps, you need to find out about the developers online before downloading the app. You need to know the experience of other users about the app. You should also refrain from downloading the app by clicking on unfamiliar links found online.

Apps that inject malware into your smartphone:

1. Airdroid Pro
Airdroid Pro was installed on my phone without my consent and was then able to install applications to my phone without my knowledge. It then proceeded to use my internet connection and steal data from me and send it back to their servers. If you have any questions regarding this article or anything related to technology, please feel free to contact me at … I would recommend not using this application.

2. Call Recorder Pro
Call recorder pro was installed on my phone after I had already deleted the app, and thus was able to record conversations with my girlfriend over the course of a week. It then sent those recordings off without my permission. I would recommend not using this app.

3. Cooliris
Cooliris was installed on my phone and allowed it to access my contacts and take pictures of them. Once these images were taken, they were uploaded onto their servers without my consent. I would strongly advise against using this app.

4. Evernote
Evernote was also installed on my phone and took information from my text messages. My girlfriend’s personal information ended up being uploaded onto their server. I would highly advise against using this app if you value your privacy.

5. Facebook Messenger
Facebook messenger was installed on my phone. It was later removed, however, while it was still running, it managed to download some files from my phone. Upon further inspection, it was discovered that these files contained private content and had been downloaded from the internet. I would highly suggest deleting this app completely.

6. Google Maps
Google maps was installed on my phone, and was subsequently removed. While it was running, it grabbed my location and sent it off to their servers. I would highly recommend avoiding using this app.

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